The Coral Polifónica del Sporting Club Casino de A Coruña – Conductor Juan Berná

The Coral Polifónica del Sporting Club Casino de La Coruña

The Coral Polifónica del Sporting Club Casino de A Coruña made their first concert in march of 1992, under the direction of Joaquín Grau Murcia.This group is a sociocultural activity of the Sporting Club Casino, taking part in concerts and other acitvities of the society founded in 1890, and anywhere else when the group is required.
The Coral Polifónica del Sporting Club Casino de A Coruña have performed in theatres like Rosalía de Castro, Colón and Ágora, also in TV programns of the galician television, at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, and different cities across Spain and Portugal like Aveiro and Vila Nova de Cerveira.In 1994 took part at the XL Certamen Internacional de Habaneras de Torrevieja (Alicante) and in 2015 in the XXXII Certamen Coral Internacional “Villa de Avilés”.By 1993 the group obtained the first prize in the VI Certamen de Corales Liceo de Noia, with the actual director Santiago Pérez Bernal. By 1997 for the AquariumFinisterraede A Coruña and under the direction of Carlos Veira Penoucos, they recorded the CD “Canciones de la Mar”.

In 2010 took part in the recording of the CD “Voces na Cidade Meiga” for the NGO Ecos do Sur; in 2011 collaborated in the benefic gala “Gotas de Vida” and in 2015 they showed their original show “En Katiuskas”. In 2016 they sang as invited choir in the “Mesías Participativo” with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia under the direction of Paul Goodwin. In 2017 with the Real Filarmonía de Galicia under the direction of Daniel Reuss and in 2018 again with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia under the direction of Carlos Mena.

Juan Berná is the director since 2010.

Choeurs au Diapason (FRA) – Conductor Annick Deschamps

Choeurs au Diapason, France

Chœurs au Diapason was created in June 2004 by Annick Deschamps, musician, choir conductor, conductor and professional lyrical artist distinguished by numerous French and foreign awards.
This vocal ensemble consists of 100 choristers from the PACA region.
His repertoire is organized around many sacred songs, classical works, gospels and film music.
The choir’s mission is to support multiple charitable and humanitarian works.
Over the past ten years, concerts have been given in France (at the ND Cathedral in Paris, Church of the Madeleine…), but also in Italy (in Rome at the invitation of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI), Spain (at the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona), Belgium (at the Cathedral of Brussels, Bruges and Antwerp), the United Kingdom (at St. Martins in the Fields in London), the Principality of Monaco (under the high patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II), as well as in the United States, at the Lincoln Center in New York In 2014, and the following year, at the famous Carnegie Hall by invitation of the DCINY. More recently, they toured Prague, then it was the famous Vienna Cathedral that welcomed them to perform Mozart’s no less famous Requiem.

Coro Città di Soave (ITA) – Conductor Federico Donadoni

Coro Città di Soave, Italia

The “Coro Città di Soave” has been founded in the year 1970 and now is composed by 36 male singers.
The Chorus has taken many concerts whether in Italian Regions or abroad
in 14th European Countries: France, Austria, Luxemburg, Spain, Poland, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and two times in Brazil invited by the Italian Community of Rio Grande do Sul and made one long playing record and three CD.
Every year organizes a “Concerto di Primavera”, a “Concerto d’Autunno” and an important European Festival, with the participation of Choirs coming from Europe and America, arrived this year to its 48th edition.
The Chorus is directed, since January 2022, by the new conductor Federico Donadoni, professor at Conservatory of Mantova and Verona.
He is specialized Assistant of Operas at Arena of Verona.
Since December 2013 has been re-elected president of the Chorus Mr. Luigi Rossetto, appointed since 1983 to 1997.

Chorale Saint Roch de Jehanster (BEL) – Conductor Olivier Franck

Chorale Saint-Roch de Jehanster, Belgium

The Choir of Jehanster was launched in Christmas of 1959 as a community of volunteers lead by Albert Macquet in order to celebrate and mark the midnight service at the Church of Jehanster. They continued with a few animations of Sunday masses.
In 1977, the group has made a new start taking the official name of Choir Saint-Roch under leadership of Albert Macquet who was its leader through 2002. By this time the Choir has developed and maintained the classical repertoire of Renaissance and Baroque music. When Albert Macquet has retired, his position was taken over by Alain Drosson who enriched the Choir Repertoire by adding French songs program until 2008 when Olivier Franck succeeded him and became the actual conductor with extended program.
There are 40 Choir members meeting up once a week to share the joy of music, singing and socializing. The Choir repertoire is polyphonic, extensive and based on the music for 4 voices ranging from classical to church, negro spirituals to French and foreign songs: a cappella. Twice a year the Choir is having concerts, accompany wedding services and regularly participate in various local concerts and festivals. Doctor Jacques Grignard is the President from the beginning until now.

Corale San Pancrazio, Montichiari (ITA) – Conductor Gianfranco Rocca

Corale S. Pancrazio, Italia

Founded in 1995 under the direction of M. Gianfranco Rocca, the  San  Pancrazio Choir actually  counts  60 singers. Born as a parish chorus, it is strongly active  in  the Santa Maria Assunta Parish  animating  the Liturgical  functions.
The Choir repertoire ranges from the   15th century till our days, going through composers  such as Palestrina, Bach, A. Scarlatti, Mozart, Mendelssohn, and English carols,  folk songs, rearranged modern songs and  Gospel.  Beside the liturgical engagement, the choir also performs a concert activity by participating in different events and obtaining  great  appreciation  for  the  preparation  and its vocalism.
In the latest years it has elaborated its polyphonic  repertoire  through the study  of important themes for orchestra  and  Chorus only.  Some real examples are:

Credo, Gloria, Magnificat of A. Vivaldi,  Alleluia and Amen of Hendel, Missa brevis et solemnis, Missa  Brevis  in DO Maggiore, missa Brivis  in Sol  maggiore,  Coronation Mass  of Mozart  and  Requiem of Faure.
The Choir receives not only the  Montichiari  inhabitants’ affection  but also widespread  approval.
The  San Pancrazio Choir  also performed  several  concerts in the National  Territory.

  • In April 2013 , it was invited to  solemnize the  Sunday Santa  Messa Vespertina   in the  San Pietro Cathedral  in Rome.
  • In April  2015, it had  the opportunity to  sing in the  Basilica Inferiore of  Assisi and in October of the same year in the  Basilica  dei Frari  and in the famous  Basilica  of San Marco in Venice.
  • In March 2017 , it was also invited  to  solemnize  the Sunday   Messa Vespertina  in Duomo of Siena.
  • In March 2019 , our Choir had the  possibility to sing in Monte Oliviero Maggiore Abbey and Duomo  of  Pienza
  •  In  April 2016  it  also performed outside of Italy, with the concert in Wagna  and the accompaniment of the Sunday Vespertina  mass  in  Leibnitz, Austria .

Since 2013 the  San Pancrazio Choir  has been  participating  to the Festival Internazionale Corale Verona Garda Estate  and in 2014 joins the “Cori Lombardia”  (Associazione  dei cori lombardi)

Corale Polifonica “Ars Nova” (ITA) – Conductor Mario Tononi

Coro Ars Nova, Italy

The Polyphonic Choir “Ars Nova” of Carpenedolo (BS) was established in 1981 under the guidance of M ° Mario Tononi who graduated in choral music and choir conducting at the Brescia Conservatory. He has held numerous concerts in various Italian cities and has participated in National and International Reviews. He has achieved first prizes in important national and international competitions, obtaining significant awards from the juries. In October 1988, on the occasion of the “Columbus Day” celebrations, he held a series of concerts in the city of New York and also toured Austria, Hungary and Finland. In December 1992 the Choir was invited to solemnize the Holy Mass celebrated by the Holy Father John Paul II in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome and on this occasion it performed in various concerts in the capital. In 2004 the choir participated in the 41st “Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli” International Piano Festival of Brescia and Bergamo, as well as in 2007 at the 44th edition. Furthermore, for several years he collaborated with the prestigious Festival Orchestra conducted by Maestro Agostino Orizio.
In 2008 he participated in the “Lediecigiornate” Festival in Brescia as part of the day dedicated to the magic of the voice.

In January 2010, on the invitation of the Rotary club of Acqui Terme (AL) and the Argentine ambassador to Italy A. Gustavo Moreno, on the occasion of the celebrations of the bicentenary of independence of Argentina, the famous “Misa Criolla ”By A. Ramirez. He has made recordings of RAI-TV programs and has recorded two CDs dedicated to the Roman School, to the Baroque of A. Vivaldi, to W.A.Mozart and to Jonh Rutter.
It is registered with the U.S.C.I. (Italian Choral Social Union) delegation of the Province of Brescia.

Coro di Breganze (ITA) – Conductor Filiberto Zanella

Coro di Breganze, Italia

The Breganze Choir was founded in 1948 by Don Piero Carpenedo. In this long period the group followed the seasons of Venetian choral singing, passing from liturgical animation, for which it was born, to alpine and mountain songs, to sacred and profane polyphony, to international folklore, participating in some national choral competitions (3rd classified in Vittorio Veneto). The Choir has had several conductors, who have enriched its repertoire, always opening up new horizons. From 2000 to 2003, with Maestro Daniele Dalla Costa, the Choir deepened the study of popular songwriting and classical polyphony, recording the CD “Lieder und Gesänge”, with ten unpublished Lieder by Fanny Mendelssohn.
In recent years the Choir has participated in events and reviews throughout the Veneto, but also beyond the regional borders. In particular, in 2003 and 2004 it performed at the 2nd and 3rd Festival of Venetian Choral. In 2005 it gave two concerts in Tourenne (France). In 2006, 2007,2010 and 2018 it participated in the European Choral Singing Festival “Città di Soave”. In 2009 it performed in Heves (Hungary). In 2012 he animated in Rome the official celebrations for the 69th anniversary of the battle of Nikolajewka and those for the 100th

anniversary of the beginning of the Great War at the Verdi cinema-theater in Breganze in May 2015. In 2018 it celebrated the 70th anniversary of its foundation.
Since 2007 the choir has been directed by Maestro Filiberto Zanella, with whom it has faced international folklore songs and contemporary songs. Since 2014 Mr. Zanella has availed itself of the collaboration of Maestro Manuel Canale, who has enriched the liturgical repertoire with effervescent pieces from the 19th century and of modern sensibility.
The Choir regularly collaborates in the initiatives of the “Alpini Group” of Breganze and in the most significant local events. On the occasion of the “Fiera di San Martino” it organizes the “Autumn Concerts”, evenings of folk songs, alpine and mountain songs, sacred and profane polyphony.

Coro El Castel Sanguinetto (ITA) – Conductor Federico Donadoni

Coro El Castel , Italy

The coir El Castel di Sanguinetto born in 1974 , by a group of friends in love with music and in particular with choral singing . The choir born as an “Alpine choir”, made of male’s voices only and of a classic mountain and war’s songs. The time passes and the choir extends the repertoire to popular songs about Venetian Lands and femail voices enter in the group. With the current director Federico Donadoni , the choir bring a more modern repertoire. The concerts activity is full of exibitions in Italy and abroad for many important festival and conveign. Some of them were in Munchen, Vienna , Budapest, Spalato, Dubrovnick, Zagabria and Hungary.

Coro Lirico San Giovanni (ITA) – Conductor Nicolò Dal Ben

Coro Lirico San Giovanni, Italia

The “Coro Lirico San Giovanni” debuted in June 2008 in Monza with the “Messa di Gloria” by Giacomo Puccini. His lyrical vocation led him quickly to establish itself in numerous concerts, performed with orchestras and conductors of national and international fame. Since its inception, the choir has been directed by Maestro Nicola Tumicioli, said pianist and harpsichordist, assisted by the Artistic Director Claudio Nezzi. Since March 2016, the Musical Direction went to Master Nicolò Dal Ben.
The repertoire of the Coro Lirico San Giovanni includes the most famous songs for Choir and Orchestra by Giuseppe Verdi, Giacomo Puccini, Georges Bizet, J. Offenbach, Gaetano Donizetti, Pietro Mascagni, Gioachino Rossini, Vincenzo Bellini, P. Iljic Tchaikosky and Mikis Theodorakis, and others, as well as unforgettable pages of the most beautiful scores, composed by one of the most famous Italians in the world, Ennio Morricone, recently awarded the oscar, and Florian Hans Zimmer.

The full choir his vast devoting great attention to sacred music, performing works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Schubert, Georg Friedrich Handel, Felix Mendelssohn, Lorenzo Perosi, Antonio Salieri, Antonio Vivaldi, Benedetto Marcello and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and many more.
The Choir has also faced an unusual repertoire for a Lyric Choir, such as jazz, swing and blues, with resounding success with critics and the public, in the year 2014 in collaboration with the Orchestra Big Band Ritmo-Sinfonica “City of Verona”.
The Choir has also made her debut in costume works such as BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA by Rossini and CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA by Mascagni, directed and stage design by Luigi Barilone, in the city Guastalla (RE), in the city Rovereto (TN) and in the city Valeggio sul Mincio (VR), and in autumn 2016, in two other prestigious investments at Teatro Ristori Verona, still with BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA by Rossin and DON GIOVANNI by W.A. Mozart.
The Choir has performed in the city of Fiume (CROATIA), at the Italian Community of Fiume, for some years now holding a fruitful exchange of reciprocal visits.

Ensemble Monteverdi, Venezia (ITA) – Conductor Massimo Piani

Ensemble Monteverdi, Venezia, Italy

The Claudio Monteverdi Ensemble – Venezia was born in the spring of 2008 in Venice, from a desire of Massimo Piani, the conductor. The small number of choristers allows to easily facing the madrigal repertoire in particular but, thanks to the versatility that characterizes it, the Ensemble also regularly faces choral compositions ranging from the Middle Ages to the contemporary era. Thanks to the profound passion of his conductor for musical research, the Ensemble does not propose to listen to the choral pieces that are most often performed, but is interested in the enhancement of pieces that, perhaps less well known, are still of considerable musical interest. The Ensemble stands out for the sound quality and the timbre fusion of its performances, as well as for the interpretative peculiarities of the pieces, always highly attentive to performance practice. Among its singers, there are also instrumentalists: the Ensemble represents, for this fact, an original reality in the Venetian territory. The Ensemble has to its credit numerous concerts performed in as many Italian and foreign cities. After a long and obvious period of silence, the Ensemble, from this occasion, proposes itself in a new formation, with the contribution of Franco Salvadori, the conductor of the Venetian choir “Amurianum”.

Corale Santa Cecilia (ITA) – Conductor Paolo Devito

Gruppo Corale Santa Cecilia , Italy

The Choir Santa Cecilia was founded in Fabriano in 1953 by the priest M ° Don Ugo Carletti first as a musical chapel of the Cathedral of San Venanzio.
In short it stands as a reference point in the panorama of the region’s choral vocality, with numerous concerts and liturgical services.
The dedication of the singers of the Santa Cecilia Choir and its conductors, led the group to compete in important national competitions and reviews, obtaining wide acclaim from the juries, sometimes chaired by illustrious names such as Ghislanzoni, Bartolucci etc.
Already in 1976 the name of the choral crossed national borders giving way, over the years, to a series of tours: France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, England, Finland, Estonia, Spain, Israel, Austria.
The serious and constant work, the search for improvement over the years, have been repaid with important awards and invitations to prestigious festivals

and musical events by placing the Fabrianese singers on events alongside names of undisputed artistic value such as: M. Pollini, S. Accardo, Z. Mehta.
While polyphony remains the musical genre by its nature closest to the Choral, the collaboration with various symphony orchestras has led the vocal group into the world of symphony by deepening authors such as Dvorak, Mozart, Puccini, Cherubini, Charpentier.
In 2011, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage recognized the Santa Cecilia Choir of Fabriano as “Artistic Group of National Interest”, a mention attributed for the continuous activity carried out in sixty years in the region in Italy and abroad.
Since September 2014, the artistic direction of the choir has been entrusted to Maestro Paolo Devito.
In April 2016, the choir was again a guest of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome on the occasion of the jubilee of the jouth, alongside the Pontifical Sistine Chapel, in the animation of the liturgy officiated by His Holiness Pope Francis. For Christmas 2018, the choir in collaboration with the Federico Secondo choir of Jesi, the choir Città di Porto Sant’Elpidio and the Unisono string orchestra, co-produced the musical work “Sunrise Mass” by the contemporary author Ola Gjeilo. Three years after the prestigious event, in April 2019 the choir is again in Rome in concert this time at the Basilica of Santa Maria ai Martiri or rather the “Pantheon” and in October of the same year in the Basilica of Santa Cecilia in Trastevere.

Hamina Entertainment Singers (FIN) – Conductor Seija Kelavirta

Haminan Viihdelaulajat, Finland

At the beginning of September 1980, twenty enthusiastic singing enthusiasts gathered at the Hamina Workers’ House to form an entertainment choir. There was a clear need for a choir of this style, for wherever the friends of the entertainment songs met, the formation of the choir came to the fore. This is how the Hamina Entertainment Singers were born. The choir was first founded in connection with the Hamina Workers ‘Association and the first actual concert was on April 17, 1983 together with the Hamina Workers’ Association Orchestra. The criticism was encouraging. Quite soon it became a study group of Hamina Adult Education Centre, where the choir has sung to this day.Since 2004, the choir has been conducted by Seija Kelavirta.
The choir is capable of performing a variety of music styles. At its best the choir performs popular songs with good accompaniment. The choir performs regularly in its home region and has given concerts e.g. in Estonia. This year’s Italian festival trip celebrates its 42th anniversary.

I Sincopatici (ITA) – Conductor Paolo Saginario

I Sincopatici , Italy

The choral group “I Sincopatici-APS” was founded in Rome in 2016 for the purpose of sharing passion for choral singing, spreading and promoting polyphonic music and, more generally, cultural activities in the local area.
Initially made up of 8 choristers, the choir presently consists of 28 people, all with a common passion and energy devoted to self-improvement and constant renewal and with the intention of providing listeners with genuine and intense emotions.
Under the precious guidance of the artistic director Paolo Saginario, the association offers a repertoire which is almost exclusively ‘a cappella’, ranging from classical polyphony to musicals and modern music and every year it is based on a different theme, with pieces both of famous composers (Debussy, Di Lasso, Piazzolla, Pietropoli, etc.) and of popular and modern music authors.
Moreover, the association gives great importance to the specialization and artistic and vocal improvement of its members by periodically organizing courses of breathing techniques and basic voice training held by a vocal coach.

The association is regularly registered with ARCL (Regional Association of Choirs of Lazio Region) and with the National Register of the Third Sector.
In spite of their short life, the choral group has taken part in many local, national and also international events and has promoted many music initiatives and activities, thriving to establish collaborative relations and cultural exchanges with other associations and public administration institutions, with a particular dedication to social solidarity projects.

Kambja segakoor Läte (EST) – Conductor Saidi Tammeorg

Kambja segakoor Läte, Estonia

Kambja segakoor Läte has its roots back in 1794, when one of the first polyphonic choirs in Estonia was founded as a church choir by the Moravian Brotherhood in South Estonian parish called Kambja. Ever since then, the Kambja amateur mixed choir has played an important role in promoting Estonian choral culture and singing tradition. In 2019, the oldest known mixed choir in Estonia proudly celebrated its 225th anniversary. Hence the name “Läte”, which means “source” in Estonian, referring to the cradle of Estonian choral singing.
Since 2014, the choir is conducted by an experienced and brilliant conductor Mrs. Saidi Tammeorg. There is a great variety of choral music in our repertoire, including Estonian classical choral music, liturgical pieces, folk songs and modern hit songs.
Our choir has a long tradition of participating in famous Estonian Song Festivals – first held in 1869, but also in various celebrations and festivals in Estonia and in Europe. Since 2013, we have participated in festivals in Hungary (Europeade), Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, to name only the latest.


Les Étincelles (BEL) – Conductor Anne Lemaire

Les Étincelles, Belgium

Quartet Les Étincelles has been a success thanks to the long musical and choral experience of each member despite being formed recently in 2020.
The quartet marked their debut with a solidarity project to be held at elderly homes in Bruxelles for Christmas concerts, but soon had to come to terms with the difficult pandemic situation. The quartet then persevered by singing outside in squares and parks and earned the appreciation and gratefulness of those who could participate and listen despite the less than ideal conditions.
We are four close friends, who love singing. We rejoice in each other’s presence,we are growing together and support each other in the ups and downs of life. For each one of us, our voice has been a pathway into self-development and deepening our spiritual connection.
Our intention: to celebrate the joy of singing together and to bring light in places of darkness.
As a young vocal quartet, we sing a capella (three or four voices). Our repertoire includes sacred music as well as popular / traditional songs from different parts of the world. Participating in the Festival Internazionale Corale Verona Garda Estate 2022 will be our first international performance: feeling grateful!

Les Troubadours (FRA) – Conductor Antoine Bergossi

Les Troubadours Berstett, France

Founded in 1993, the choir “Les Troubadours” is located in BERSTETT, a lovely village in the North West of STRASBOURG, a land called KOCHERSBERG, a wealthy agricultural region.
Lovers of choral singing come from more than 18 villages nearby and build an ensemble of about fifty singers. Their repertoire ranges from Renaissance and Classical to Gospel songs, including a great part of contemporary songs.
Every year, “Les Troubadours” offer a blend of love, joy and humour at their season concerts like Christmas (or other events).
The choir enjoyed several exchanges with national and international choirs like “TRIMAZO” from METZ, Lorraine, France, “LES VOIX DE L’AMITIE” from SERAING/LIEGE, Belgium, “EINTRACHT 1844” from BERSTADT/ FRANKFURT, Germany. They had the pleasure to welcome the Canadian choral singers “LA CHANTERELLE” from GATINEAU, Quebec in 2014 and were invited there for common concerts in 2017.
In 2015, “LES TROUBADOURS” performed at the “Advent Choral Meeting” in Prague.

Singsby Sångkör (FIN) – Conductor Christina Martin

Singsby Sångkör , Finland

Singsby Sångkör is a mixed choir founded 1925. The concdutor of our choir is Mrs. Christina Martin. She is the 7th conductor since the start. The motherstongue of the choirmembers is swedish and we are a part of the swedish speaking minority in Finland. Many of the choir members have been singing in our choir for decades.
Traditionally we sing swedishfinnish and swedish folksongs, but during the last years our repertoire is also including newer modern songs, also in other languages. The last five years we have presented a consert with music from the 60´s and Gospel Songs together with two other choirs from our area. Most of the songs were in English. Before and after the Corona period we have arranged tour- and consertseries with modern dancing music. Professional artists and musicians are co-operation partners of our choir. We have also repertoire with religous music, which we sing in churhes and every Christmas we sing in the church in our city.

Every year we arrange or participate in several concerts in Finland and/or abroad. We have travelled several times to Sweden for concerts, but also to Estonia, Chech Republic and USA. We sing for pensioners, children and for people of all ages. Every year we participate in the Vasa Choir Festival.
Last year we could arrange combined 95- and 96 years concerts and as we are quite near to 100 years, our next important project will be the 100 year anniversary conserts.
Singsby Sångkör is a choir full of nuances and our members are used to take new challenges.

Trio di Ottoni Della Vestfalia (DEU) – Conductor Martin Lorenz

Trio di Ottoni della Vestfalia, Germany

The three members of “Trio di Ottoni della Vestfalia (GER)” took even part in 2014 in Garda Estate Festival for the first time. Together with the chorus of Löhner Kantorei from Westfalia in Germany they played as an instrumental group with one trumpet and five trombones music of the old musician master Gabrieli from Venezia, living about 1600. Even in 2019 it was planned to come back to the festival in 2020 but only with the instrumental group and five members. Now they are very glad to be invited again with at least three members, one trumpet and two trombones, and to alive the festival with new friendships with choirs from all over Europe in 2022. Not only for their last concert after the festival in Monteverdi´s Frari Basilika in Venezia they have music of Monteverdi in their musician suitcase added by music of several other Italian and German old masters in the time about 1600 for the festival from 30th of June till 3rd of July in 2022 in the district of Verona.
Joachim Holst studied church music from 1994 to 1998 with a bachelor’s degree. Since 1998 he has worked as a church musician in Löhne-Gohfeld, especially now also in the new popular church music, trained from 2018 to 2020. He also cares about brass choirs in his church district. As project choir singer, Holst met Martin Lorenz, President of the Löhner Kantorei, on a concert tour in Southern France even in 2006 and continued singing in projects of the Löhner Kantorei with his tenor voice, such as in Italy in 2014.

Martin Lorenz started in 1973 with trombone, his first teacher was Wolfram Ellinghaus, who himself studied trumpet in Hannover until 1963 and was professor at the High School for church music in the neighbour main district town Herford. Until 2005 he was also the director of church music in district and leading the Löhner Kantorei. From 1977 until 1983 Lorenz studied trombone with his second teacher Hans-Werner Roloff, solo tuba player in Northwestern German Philharmonic Orchestra in Herford, at town music school in Löhne. Since even 1982 Lorenz is also director of a church brass choir in Herford. Since 2013 he is also responsible as superior for projects for nearly fourty church brass choirs in district of Herford, especially for training the youth for brass. Since 1999 he is member of the culture comitee of his hometown Löhne where is also responsible for sponsoring the common concert series of four classical choirs and common project concerts in his town. So he is also active as singer in several choirs with his wife Carola. Classical brass music from all centuries in the past until present is his wide field.
His son Magnus Joe Lorenz started with trumpet in 2004, first teacher was his own father. Several years later and along he studied trumpet with his second teacher Gerhard Sowa, the director of town music school in Löhne, also himself earlier student of trumpet in High school like Ellinghaus. Magnus Lorenz was member of two brass choirs in Herford and Löhne and playing the solo trumpet in 2014 in Garda Estate Festival in the intrumental group. Now he is also back again in Italy like the two others of “Trio di Ottoni della Vestfalia”.

Chœur d’Hommes de Vannes (FRA) – Conductor Malgorzata Pleyber

Choeur d'Hommes de Vannes, France

Created in 1996 and directed by Malgorzata Pleyber, The « Chœur d’Hommes de Vannes » is a male choir based in Vannes, a little French town of the south Britain. It is composed of 50 members. Its repertory is classical and goes from compositors of the XVII th. century to contemporary ones.
We sings in France and foreign countries. We wined several gold and silver diplomas in Vienna and Venice. In 2014, the Choir obtained a second price during the very famous festival “singing world” of Saint Petersbourg and a silver medal at Barcelona / Lloret de Mar in 2016.
Malgorzata Pleyber is graduated from the Superior Conservatory of Warsow, where she obtained an outstanding commendation award in the direction of choir. In Vannes, she created twenty years ago the “Choeur d’Hommes de Vannes”. She directs also a great mixed choir : the “Ensemble Polyphonique” et she created in 2012 another mixed chorus : Nova Voce, famous in a very short time.

Chœur de Thélème (FRA) – Conductor Evelyne Genest

Choeur de Theleme , France

Chœur de Thélème is a male voice choir comprising 22 choristers from Marseille and the Provence region. Its repertoire is made up of religious and non-religious songs from around the world, sung in their original languages.
All the members of Chœur de Thélème are unpaid. They come from many different backgrounds, cultures and walks of life, and their ambition is for singing and music to unite people from every nation.
The name Chœur de Thélème was inspired by the book Gargantua written by François Rabelais (16th century French renaissance author), in which the Abbey of Thelema is described as a place where life was good and whose motto was “Do what thou wilt since all there are learned and well-born”
Chœur de Thélème travels around France to give concerts and for summer workshops. The group has also performed abroad in Bavaria and in Prague, performing at festivals and gatherings with other groups.

Évelyne Genest, the conductor of Chœur de Thélème, was brought up in a family of music-lovers, where music and singing were part of her environment from a very early age. As an educator working with young children in nurseries and then in the field of disabilities, music and singing have always formed an integral part of her professional activities.
As a member of several choirs, conducting was a perfectly logical step for her. She attended training courses within the framework of the French Protestant federation. For twenty years she conducted a Protestant inter-parish choir in Marseille, while also participating in other classical choirs.
She became the conductor of Chœur de Thélème as soon as it was created, and soon she will have been leading the choir for 30 years.

Choriosa Basel (CHE) – Conductor Christoph Prendl

Choriosa Basel (CHE)

Choriosa Basel is an ensemble of young and young-at-heart adults, composed of singers with choral experience.
Christoph Prendl leads the choir since 2017, succeeding Lukas Merkelbach (2008 to 2016). The choir’s musical style is characterised by the fact that it does not follow any style. There is something for every member, because the repertoire cuts across all styles and is constantly being expanded: music from the Renaissance, Classical and Romantic periods to the Modern Age, from Pop Songs to Jazz, from Gregorian chant to Folksongs and Natural Yodelling to New Music.
With support in voice and ear training, the singing skills in the choir are developed and listening to each other is constantly improved with a lot of a capella work. The singers are open to new forms of performance and experimentation.
Christoph Prendl began his musical training as a boy soprano with the St. Florianer Sängerknaben in Austria. Later he studied harpsichord with Brett Leighton and Viola da Gamba with Claire Pottinger at the Bruckner-Universität Linz and continued to study the Viola da Gamba and early string instruments with Paolo Pandolfo and Randall Cook at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis in Switzerland, where he completed his Master of Arts in 2011.

In the same year he was awarded a special prize at the Telemann-competition in Magdeburg (Germany) for the best improvised ornamentation. In 2012 he completed a masters degree in music theory with Johannes Menke and Felix Diergarten in Basel.
On the Viola da gamba, the harpsichord and as a choir conductor, he gave concerts at many important festivals and concert halls, e.g. at the „Innsbrucker Festwochen der Alten Musik“, at the “Festival Oude Muziek” in Utrecht, at the „Telemann-Festtage Magdeburg” and at the Musikverein Wien.
Beside his artistic activities he published several articles and a monography on the history of music theory and holds a PhD in musicology from the University of Würzburg. He is professor of Early Music theory at the University for the Arts Bremen, Germany.

La Bougane (FRA) – Conductor Pierre-Arnaud Larnier

La Bougane , France

Created in January 1979, the association aimed at musical development. Two activities were launched at that time: a music school for children and a choir for adults. In 1986 the choir adopted the name BOUGANE and parted from the music school. Since its creation, 9 conductors have succeeded each other.
Pierre-Arnaud Larnier has been conducting La Bougane since February 2017.
A musician, director of choir and orchestra, a composer and a creator of musical performances, Pierre-Arnaud is driven by the desire to share the emotions and well-being of music with his singers, whether in his choirs of children, adults or seniors.
The very eclectic repertoire: classical, opera excerpts, contemporary songs, gospels, sacred music… is generated according to the inspiration of the conductor, and the desire of the singers…


2019: La Bougane is celebrating its 40 years at the Piano’cktail, wellknown theatre in the Nantes area.
A colourful concert with lots of life and costumes.
2018: Participation in La Folle Journée of Nantes under the direction of Paul Smith.
We shared the stage with other local adult and children choirs as well as the world famous British vocal ensemble VOCES 8.
2015: Visit to Tarn (South West of France) on the occasion of an exchange between choirs.
2010: Visit to Scarborough as part of a twinning between cities.
2009: Participation in the 47th cantonal festival of the Chanteurs Vaudois, in Aigle, Switzerland.

On a regular basis, the choir organises 2 annual concerts in the town of Bouguenais :
• One for the New Year in a church, featuring classical and sacred songs
• One in June, in a theatre with a more festive repertoire (operettas, variety and world songs)
La Bougane also performs in various events :
Meeting with Bouguenais’ German twin city Ginsheim-Gustavsburg
Mille Choeurs pour un Regard, organized by Retina France
Various commemorations including the 100th anniversary of the 1918 Armistice in Bouguenais

La Sarabande (CHE) – Conductor Sara Sierro

La Sarabande, Switzerland

Once upon a time, in the canton of Valais in Switzerland, in the heart of the sunbathed mountains, there were a bunch of friends who got together to sing in a vocal octet at a festival. That was back in 2006 and ever since, they have not stopped singing, first at weddings, then at small concerts, and finally, performing several times!
Under the dynamic and charismatic direction of their leader, Sara, the choir has grown and the rhythms have become more varied.
Although faces of the 21 members aged from 25 to 60 years old have sometimes changed, the spirit itself has remained constant : one of friendship, a common passion for singing, and a craving for a song-spangled life!
Whether it is a cappella or with a few instruments, gospel, popular songs or Rock’n’roll, la Sarabande performs in several languages!
It is therefore with great pleasure that la Sarabande is delighted to take part in the International Choral Festival in Verona, to share its passion across borders, in friendship!

Pequeños Cantores de Valencia (ESP) – Conductor Carmina Moreno Llabata

Pequeños Cantores de Valencia, Spain

“Pequeños Cantores de Valencia”, awarded with the Golden Medal of the City of Valencia and the Cultural Distinction of Valencian Government, is a choir consisting of about 90 teenagers between 12 and 18 years old. It was founded in 1963 by Jesus Ribera Faig and its current conductor is Carmina Moreno Llabata. With fifty years of history, its impact on choirs’s world is remarkable. In these years they have done more than 700 concerts and 48 tours around Spain and 15 other European countries, as well as making a lot of friendly exchanges with other choirs. They have not only participated in numerous festivals and competitions but have also achieved important awards. Moreover, they have sung more than twenty symphonic and choral works with professional orchestras and well-known conductors. Furthermore, they have explored all kinds of musical repertoire and recorded numerous albums. Currently, many antique “pequeños cantores” are part of the best adult choirs in the city and more than twenty of them have founded or directed many other valencian choirs.

Schola Cantorum Cantate Domino (BEL) – Conductor Andries De Winter

Schola Cantorum Cantate Domino, Belgium

Cantate Domino has existed for 59 years now. It was founded as a boys choir by the late Canon Michael Ghijs in the Sint-Maarteninstituut (Saint-Martin Institute) of Aalst and soon grew into a renowned European mixed choir. After the death of its founder, David De Geest was appointed as conductor in 2008. In the spring of 2015, the torch was passed to Andries De Winter, who had been a long-time member of the choir and is a teacher of the Saint-Martin Institute.
The repertoire of the choir covers just about the entire history of music from Renaissance to contemporary works. The choir produced a whole series of audio recordings and collaborated on such films as ‘Daens’, and ‘In Bruges’. The choir received the title of “Cultural Ambassador of Flanders” and “Cultural Ambassador of Europe”.
The choir has performed several times for the Belgian royal family, for the Pope in Rome and in numerous countries on all continents.
In recent years, the choir has given concerts in places like Mexico, Japan, Bulgaria, South Korea and in many European countries. It performed together with the world renowned Dresdner Kreuzchor (2009) and The Choir of New College Oxford (2011). A jubilee concert in the presence of Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde, now King and Queen of Belgium, was given in 2012. In 2014, they performed in the St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.

Schola Cantorum de Nantes, France – Conductor Thierry Brehu

Schola Cantorum de Nantes, France

A true way in the artistic life of Nantes, La Schola Cantorum is a choir founded in 1913 and has never ceased since then to carry on its activities but a couple of months during the different lockdowns. So for more than a century, this choral society has had a dozen conductors, all of them contributing to its development and fame.
Now for about ten years, Thierry BREHU is its conductor (also a teacher of oboe at the Saint Nazaire academy of music and dance- another main city in Loire-Atlantique-) with Laurence CHIFFOLEAU at the piano (also a teacher at this academy).
La Schola Cantorum is, nowadays, a choir of about 70 members, both men and women, all enthusiast and eager to perform quality and music sharing !
It takes part in concerts, festivals, all over the year, accompanied by an orchestra or pianos only (one or two). In Nantes or other French cities and even abroad (Germany, Wales and its highlight when singing with Pavarotti in front of the Princess of Wales !!).
It is used to perform the greatest works of Holy music for choir and orchestra such as the German Requiem by Brahms, Messe C by Beethoven, Stabat Mater by Dvorak this one recently presented with the Symphony orchestra of Saint Nazaire with Thierry BREHU as the conductor.

But the choir is also keen on performing modern works by contemporary composers such as Eric WHITACRE , Arvo PÄRT , Erik ESENVALDS or Dan FORREST (whose great « Jubilate Deo » was given for the first time in France, in 2019 and 2021 ; another highlight the choir will never forget)
For this present festival in Verone, the choir proposes a medley of French classical works from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Soroe Academy’s Girls Choir (DAN) – Conductor Svend Lyngberg

Soroe Academy Girls Choir, Denmark

Soroe Academy’s Girls Choir is a young choir. Musically interested students founded the choir in 2015. Soroe Academy is the oldest boarding school and high school in Denmark, and there has also been great choir activity previously. Unfortunately, music was given a more secondary role when the Danish high school was reformed in the first years of the 21st century. But luckily the students wanted more, and after some attempts, a small group of students took the initiative to form this choir.
In 2018, the choir made its first trip abroad. The choir visited two partner schools in Poland and in Germany, and in 2019 the choir participated in the Festival Garda Estate. In the last two years, the choir’s activities have been very limited by the pandemic. Fortunately, it has been possible to sing on several occasions in Denmark. The choir is now looking forward to meeting new friends again and carrying the singing out to a wide audience.

ChorusB (FRA) – Conductor Béatrice Estelon Florentin

ChorusB, France

ChorusB is an independent choir, created in 1988 in Paris, by its choir director Béatrice Estelon Florentin music teacher at the French National Education. The main idea that prompted its creator at the start is that it is never too late to dare to sing or make music, even if one has not had a musical education before. She is convinced by faith and by experience that “singing together is a wonderful mode of self-development, creation and a powerful source of joy”.
ChorusB has grown over the years. We perform in concerts in Paris, (Armenian Cathedral, St Germain de Charonne), in Normandy; then in November 2018, we flew to Washington DC to participate in 2 concerts in commemoration of the Armistice of 1918, with the Friday Morning Music Club Choir, at the Lutheran Church of the Reformation.
Most of our repertoire is a cappella:
Sacred or profane works from the 15th century to the present day, and composers of all nationalities. We have also interpreted on several occasions works with instrumental accompaniment (piano, organ, string quartet) such as Fauré’s Requiem, the one of Puccini and extracts from Gloria by Vivaldi and Stabat Mater by Rossini.
Musical requirements, personal involvement, human warmth, eclecticism and … humor: the values we share. Beauty, union, peace: the values we wish to transmit.

Framagomi (BEL) – Conductor Hugo Boon

Framagomi , Belgio

There were four of us in March 1982, Fra, Ma, Go, Mi. Close friends with a joined love for singing.
Today we are an actual chamber choir, some 20 voices strong, with a lot of grey in the skyline as well as enthusiastic youngsters. What hasn’t changed… we’re still close friends with a joined love for singing.
Rehearsals around a bottle of wine. Tasting quality when researching sounds, exploring the meaning of words and stories. Goosebumps. Listening to each other, but lots of laughter too.
Over the years we had many performances, some happy, some sad, with music spanning all style periods, in chapels and cathedrals, in living rooms and cultural centers, as well as in streets and town squares.
Some of our major projects consisted of, the ‘Markus Passion’ by Keiser, two performances of the opera ‘Dido and Aeneas’ the by Purcell, ‘Jephte’ by Carissimi and ‘a Trauerkantate’ by Telemann, a joint choral and video project about ‘Membra Jesu Nostri’ by Dietrich Buxtehude and ‘The Descent from the Cross’ by Rogier van der Weyden and memorable collaborations with the ‘Utopia-ensemble’ and the ‘Jan-Niklaas Choir’.

In 2012 we were awarded the ‘cultural prize’ by the municipality of Dilbeek with a celebratory concert in the auditorium of Dil’arte, the then newly opened music academy of Dilbeek.
In July 2014, Framagomi traveled a first time to Verona to take part in the International Garda Estate Festival along with dozens of other choirs. We performed in beautiful large churches surrounding Lake Garda and were promptly invited to attend a few other international festivals. Whilst in Sardinia we even sang in a giant prehistoric cave.
And last octobre we participated in the World Choir Games in Antwerpen.
But our best ever performance? That will be today, here with you. We will give it our all and share with you what moves us.

Mariaren Bihotza Abesbatza (ESP) – Conductor Alain Ayerdi Gurpegi

Mariaren Bihotza Abesbatza, Spain

Mariaren Bihotza Abesbata is a Choir composed of 40 mixed voices, founded in 1962 by the Claretian religious Antonio Sierra Valgañón (1926-2003), also organist, composer and director of the Choir for 41 years.
The aims of the association are the formation and education of people through music, and the promotion of the art of music in all its fields, and especially in choral music. In order to achieve these goals, concerts, cycles, public performances in collaboration with the Banda de Txistularis de Donostia, private events and occasionally participate in competitions and contests are carried out. At the same time, records are recorded, and the choir participates in liturgical events that contribute to the choir’s income, such as weddings and funerals.

In 2022 the choir will celebrate its 60th anniversary. It has a singular archive, makes it different to other choirs its great repertoire and the closeness with composers such as José Ignacio Ansorena, Luis Elizalde, as well as the archive of the Iruarrizaga brothers (Claretian composers).
Of the most significant and relevant performances of the Choir it is worth mentioning the interpretation of Martin Palmeri’s Misatango, performed with its composer at the piano in 2016-2017, Stravinsky’s Mass in 2019, the sacred concert of Brahms and Puccini’s Requiem in 2021 as well as the concert at the Real Seminario San Carlos Borromeo and the Pilar Mass in Zaragoza in 2021.
The choir is currently conducted by Alain Ayerdi Gurpegi, graduated in trombone and singing, professor of trombone, tuba and euphonium. He is Director of the Errenteria Band and conducts different orchestras, choirs and soloists in large-scale projects.

Gruppo di Canto Corale di Roncà (ITA) – Conductor Eleonora Zubrawska

Gruppo di Canto Corale di Roncà, Italia

The choral music of Roncà was born around 1945 as three male voices choir.
Over the years he had joined a chorus of female voices. At that time the choir performed exclusively liturgical chants in Latin.
The merger of the two groups leads to the creation of the choir of four mixed voices.
Over the years the Repertoire expands, this allows the choir to perform in a concert outside the liturgical activities.
At present the choir has about 25 items.
From 2008 the choir of Roncà is under the direction of Eleonora Zubrawska.
Thanks to its competence and professionalism, the choir has honed the technique and the color of the voice, plays the liturgical service in the parish church, participates and organizes concerts.
The Repertoire of the choir consists of about 90 songs, from Handel to Bach, from Giuseppe Verdi to Mozart, but also contemporary authors as Marco Frisina and “our” Bepi De Marzi.

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